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  • After 20 years of development, Wuxi Taihu machine tool exhibition has become more and more mature, and has successfully held 38 sessions. The exhibition is highly professional with high-end display equipment. It adheres to its foothold in Wuxi, serves the Yangtze River Delta, and radiates the world. The exhibition has attracted more than 1.6 million people, more than 9000 exhibitors and a turnover of more than 6 billion yuan, which has contributed to the industrial development of the Yangtze River Delta. The number of exhibitors, the level of exhibitors, the exhibition area, the number of visitors, event planning, customer service, site layout and other aspects have been steadily improved. Since its establishment, Wuxi Taihu machine tool exhibition has always focused on the interests of exhibitors, always attached importance to the effectiveness of Commerce and trade, and fully integrated the market demand. With the cooperation of the Organizing Committee and a number of industry associations, the maturity of the exhibition is getting higher and higher, and the attention of the external media is also increasing. The organizers invite professional visitors to the exhibition through the mass email information system and telephone invitation group. They use new media and other marketing means to spread the net in a large area and invite professional visitors to the exhibition one-on-one before the exhibition, so as to ensure the effect of the exhibition and the flow of people. Every exhibitor can feel the atmosphere of the scene and strive to present a wonderful industry ceremony for the exhibitors.